Emerson is Great Senior Living…

for a great value.

Surprised to hear that senior living might actually *save* you money? Whether you’re on a tight budget, or being thoughtful about your financial future, Emerson on Harvest Hill is said to be the best value around! The costs associated with food, dining out, entertainment, most utilities, taxes, transportation, security- they’re all included with Emerson’s monthly rate. Emerson is independence with services, programming, and amenities that give residents the opportunity to be involved and active, to continue learning and growing, and to live their best life possible, to thrive- within a Community, because of community.

How does Emerson compare to your current expenses?

We encourage everyone considering senior living to compare the cost of living at Emerson with their current expenses. And, we’ll even give you the comparison tool right here, for free!

Senior Living Cost Comparison

*Contact us for more information on these services.